Flashback: Spain

Looking at so many travel photos lately has me reminiscing about my trip to Spain (and France) this past summer.  It was an amazing trip where I enjoyed Pamplona during San Fermin (Running of the Bulls festival), saw the beautiful sights of Seville, Madrid and San Sebastian and enjoyed a few gorgeous days in Hendaye, France (a small town on the coast near the Spanish border).  I posted some pics here already but I wanted to share a few more of my favorites.


And, courtesy of my iPhone:

Definitely can not wait to return one day!

28 thoughts on “Flashback: Spain

  1. It looks like an amazing trip. You have a really good eye for photography. Love the second beach shot and that you are an iPhoneographer. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog :)

  2. Thank you for your compliment!! Yes, I adore using my iPhone. I lately have been loving the Instagram app and wish I would of had it this past summer. Do you have a favorite app for photography? I am always curious about other good ones.

  3. Thanks for making me miss Spain, again! Though your photos weren’t of Barcelona so I have seen another side to the beautiful country. I went this past Spring and loved it! I like your second shot, as well as the quintet of photos towards the end – the ivy, cafe, rooftops, palms, paint-peeling wall. I also love the churros y chocolate shot. I wish i had a better camera on my travels to Spain. That only means one thing – I must return! Thanks for sharing these :)

    • Unfortunately, I didn’t get to Barcelona on my trip! I really wanted to but because I was limited on time, I decided to go south instead. Next trip back, Barcelona for sure!! :) Thanks for your compliments.

    • Spain really is beautiful! I was there in July and in Pamplona, which is northern Spain, some days were warm and then some days it was very cool (and quite chilly at night so that we were wearing sweaters and sweatshirts). But in Madrid and Seville, which are more south, it was very warm (hot actually), especially in Seville!

  4. Lovely images! The second one is San Sebastian, isn’t it? – fantastic place to spend a summer, and great for Pinchos ;-)
    I like your images from your iPhone too. Sometimes the iPhone is just convenient when you don’t feel like taking your whole camera equipment, I do enjoy using it. Great post!

    • Thank you so much! Yes, it is San Sebastian and oh yes do they have fabulous pinchos there. Too many pinchos and too much vino tinto was drunk while there! :) I love using the iPhone too and have definitely been using it more and more lately.

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