Inspired by Travel

I never get tired of viewing travel photographs.  I love how they constantly remind me of just how big the world is and how much there is left to see!  Whether amateur or professional, I always gain so much inspiration from the images.   And not only as far as locations to visit but also as to what represents good composition in a photo.  Here is a round-up of some recent favorites. Simply stunning.

Havana, Cuba - Stefano Torrione

Chiang Mai, Thailand - Benjamin Arthur

Havana, Cuba - Peter Turnley

London, England - William McCracken

Mathura, India - Dominic Burdon

Luxor, Egypyt - Andrew Kerr

Noordoostpolder, Netherlands - Phil Wiggenraad

Vernazza, Italy

Djenné, Mali - Larry Louie

Shugruf, Yemen - Matjaz Krivic

Alaska - Eric Kruszewski

Venice, Italy - Mimmo Jodice

(click on the images for the link)

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


14 thoughts on “Inspired by Travel

  1. I love travel articles and pictures too! They always provide inspiration for the next trip.

    Btw, I know that picture on the Noordoost polder. I go there every spring for the seemingly endless sight of flower fields in full bloom. ;-)

  2. The one of Yemen is just incredible! I would love to go there so much. I’m hoping to move there next year, but looking through these photos reminds me of how many other places there are that I still desperately want to go!

  3. these are absolutely stunning. I just got home from a three month trip to India and China, this makes me want to set off yet again!

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