One Fine Day and a Festival

A few weeks ago, on a gorgeous and sunny D.C. afternoon, I headed to Meridian Park for the first ever “Natural Health Festival.”  While there to support my boyfriend’s band (they were part of the live music line-up), I could not help but notice my animated yet laid-back surroundings.  I am guessing that a lovely afternoon was had by all.

The weather and atmosphere led to the perfect spot for catching up with friends.

As well as providing a great spot for reading,

or for doing yoga,

and reiki,

and even some tight-rope walking.

It was also great for some seated meditation,

and hula-hooping,

and, of course, for playing music,

and for watching music being played.

Yes, I think a good time was had by all.  :)

13 thoughts on “One Fine Day and a Festival

  1. Wonderful shots of humanity enjoying life. It has made me want to go and sit in a park and watch the world go by :)

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