National Geographic – Traveler Photo Contest 2012

Bagan Bliss by Peter DeMarco

National Geographic Traveler just finished up their Photo Contest 2012 competition and goodness were there some gorgeous images entered.  While we must wait a couple more weeks for the winners to be announced, I thoroughly enjoyed looking through all of the Editor’s Picks to find my favorites (which pretty much all came from either the ‘travel portraits’ or ‘spontaneous moments’ categories). So much inspiration!  And I love that for many of the photos, you can read the photographer’s comments about the photo, which always helps to provide a nice bit of background.

Some of the images I chose for their composition and/or color while others I chose for the pure emotion you feel when you look at them.  And then there were some that just had it all.  Definitely looking forward to seeing who the winners are.  *Click here and here to see many more entries.

A Date in Fairytale Town by Erol Can Ün
Marbet by Cedric Houin

Love Triangle by Dhwani Thapar

Grandmother by Sarah Baker

99 is just a number by Aditya Mendiratta

The Running Boy by Pietro Sferrino

Shaft of Light by G Huin

Woman, San Cristobal de Las Casas by Raul Amaru Linares

The Last Kalinga Tatoo Artist by Michal Duchek

Milking a Yak by John Quintero

Portrait of a man in a citron green turban by Xuesong Liao

Little Cleaner by Miki Kudo

A Peruvian Woman and Her Llama by Laura Grier

Working on Tofu by Helminadia Caryati

Lighter Than Life by Geralyn Shukwit

Sharing the Big Apple by Iago Barbeiro

Marrakech Traveler by John Barnhardt

Elisabeth’s Gaze by Frank Trimbos

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