National Geographic – Traveler Photo Contest 2012

Bagan Bliss by Peter DeMarco

National Geographic Traveler just finished up their Photo Contest 2012 competition and goodness were there some gorgeous images entered.  While we must wait a couple more weeks for the winners to be announced, I thoroughly enjoyed looking through all of the Editor’s Picks to find my favorites (which pretty much all came from either the ‘travel portraits’ or ‘spontaneous moments’ categories). So much inspiration!  And I love that for many of the photos, you can read the photographer’s comments about the photo, which always helps to provide a nice bit of background.

Some of the images I chose for their composition and/or color while others I chose for the pure emotion you feel when you look at them.  And then there were some that just had it all.  Definitely looking forward to seeing who the winners are.  *Click here and here to see many more entries.

A Date in Fairytale Town by Erol Can Ün
Marbet by Cedric Houin

Love Triangle by Dhwani Thapar

Grandmother by Sarah Baker

99 is just a number by Aditya Mendiratta

The Running Boy by Pietro Sferrino

Shaft of Light by G Huin

Woman, San Cristobal de Las Casas by Raul Amaru Linares

The Last Kalinga Tatoo Artist by Michal Duchek

Milking a Yak by John Quintero

Portrait of a man in a citron green turban by Xuesong Liao

Little Cleaner by Miki Kudo

A Peruvian Woman and Her Llama by Laura Grier

Working on Tofu by Helminadia Caryati

Lighter Than Life by Geralyn Shukwit

Sharing the Big Apple by Iago Barbeiro

Marrakech Traveler by John Barnhardt

Elisabeth’s Gaze by Frank Trimbos


Visiting National Geographic‘s site for their photos of the day is something that I love to do.  I am always inspired to take better photographs when I see the amazing work of the photographers showing their work there.  Below are some of my favorites from NG’s “photo of the day” black and white series.

Street Scene, Rio de Janeiro by Rasko Ristic

Children Playing in Rain, Bangladesh by Jashim Salam

Underwater Surfer by Tony Heff

Round Tower, Copenhagen by Robert Floerke

Hidden Face by Drussawin Leepaisal

Millennium Bridge, London by Nathaniel Gonzales

Chinatown, New York by Matthew Goddard-Jones

Alpine Climbers, Midi-Plan Traverse, France by Tommy Harris

Crowded Street, Kathmandu by Larry Louie

(click on the photograph for more information about the image)

Charlottesville and a Beer Tour

This past weekend, I had the chance to go to Charlottesville, Virginia to visit one of my best friends.  While it was only a short visit, we jam-packed as much as we could into the day and a half I was there.  This included going on a tour of some local breweries with a group of friends.

We visited three breweries, tasted lots of beer, and enjoyed some really gorgeous weather.  There is nothing like sitting outside on a nice day and enjoying good food, drink and company.  ♥

First stop, Devils Backbone Brewing Company.  Not only did we taste some good beer here but we also had a lovely alfresco lunch.

Next stop, Blue Mountain Brewery.  We had beers and snacks out on the patio under a beautiful pergola with the mountains surrounding us.  It was fabulous.

Last stop, Starr Hill Brewery.  Probably the most well-known brewery out of the three that we visited.  It had a very cool, hip vibe and you have to love free beer samples.  :)

“A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.” ~ Czech proverb.  :)


Where is Matt?

A friend shared this video with me and I had to share it too because it is so inspiring and heart-warming!  It took Matt (and Melissa) 14 months and 42 countries to make the video.  Now, I want to go travel and have a little dance in every locale.  :)

Here is to all of us doing a little “Matt dancing” everyday and everywhere.

For more about Matt:

Smithsonian Magazine’s 9th Annual Photo Contest

Smithsonian Magazine has just recently announced the finalists in their 9th Annual Photo Contest.  If you visit the site, you can help them decide the Readers’ Choice Award by voting for your favorite image.  While you can select only one image, you can vote every day up until March 31.

There are some pretty amazing images amongst their list of finalists.  Here are some of my favorites.  You should definitely visit the site to find your favorites.

by Zoltan Balogh

by Ben Hattenbach

by Budi Prakasa

by Shyamal Das

by David Lazar

by Chetan Soni

by Leon Lee

by Nicky Chang

by Somnath Mukherjee

(All images from the Smithsonian 9th Annual Photo Contest website)

Inspired by Travel

I never get tired of viewing travel photographs.  I love how they constantly remind me of just how big the world is and how much there is left to see!  Whether amateur or professional, I always gain so much inspiration from the images.   And not only as far as locations to visit but also as to what represents good composition in a photo.  Here is a round-up of some recent favorites. Simply stunning.

Havana, Cuba - Stefano Torrione

Chiang Mai, Thailand - Benjamin Arthur

Havana, Cuba - Peter Turnley

London, England - William McCracken

Mathura, India - Dominic Burdon

Luxor, Egypyt - Andrew Kerr

Noordoostpolder, Netherlands - Phil Wiggenraad

Vernazza, Italy

Djenné, Mali - Larry Louie

Shugruf, Yemen - Matjaz Krivic

Alaska - Eric Kruszewski

Venice, Italy - Mimmo Jodice

(click on the images for the link)

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson