Fashion Trend: Faux Fur vest

I have been seeing faux fur items of clothing all over the place whether in magazines or on fashion blogs or on Autumn “trend” lists.  For example, Nordstroms included it on it list of Fall’s 10 Best Trends.

So when I decided to be Margot Tenenbaum for Halloween this year, I knew I needed some type of faux fur piece for the costume because Margot is famous for the fur coat that she wore throughout the film.

Not wanting a faux fur coat, because the chances of me wearing a faux fur coat again would be really slim, I decided that a  vest could be the way to go.   I could still get the effect of the fur coat but would have a piece that I could restyle and would definitely wear again.  Plus, knowing that faux fur vests are on trend this fall, that would give me the inspiration to move out of my comfort zone and where a piece that I normally would be too intimidated to wear.  I ended up finding this vest at TJ Maxx and loved it.  Cute and affordable…heck yes.

To see how I wore it as part of my costume, go here.  But now, I need some inspiration for other ways to wear it.  Seeing as I have never worn any type of faux fur item and being a bit nervous to do so, I looked around for some ideas.  Found some good ones.

From: YouLookFab.  Here.


From: Mermaids of the Lake.  Here.

From: Style Pantry.   Here.


Definitely looking forward to wearing my vest.  Now to just figure out with what.

“Faux fur is great because it shows people that faux can look fabulous.”  ~Kristen Johnston.